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12 Shopify Apps That Fashion Stores Must Have in 2022

Shopify has over a million merchants on its platform, with approximately 25% of them in the fashion business. It is both one of the most popular and one of the most competitive industries. While creating a Shopify fashion store is simple, selecting the correct apps for your store may be a difficult and intimidating task. To assist you with this process, we’ve produced a list of the top 15 Shopify apps for fashion stores.

1. Product Filter & Search

Have you ever considered how easy it is for your customers to find what they’re looking for in your store? Product Filter & Search allows you to establish different search filters and allows your consumers to search for products by title, description, product type, or even SKU.

Its intelligent search engine provides an excellent user experience with spellcheck, autocomplete, and intelligent auto-suggestion in the form of thumbnails. Over 7000 stores currently have it installed, including ones for Mavi, Banana Republic, Lacoste, and others.

2. UpPromote

The power of affiliate marketing is in using affiliates’ voices to reach a larger client base and increase income. And one of the best Shopify tools to help you establish, track, and succeed with affiliate marketing is UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing.

UpPromote is user-friendly even if you have no technical experience. With this software, each affiliate will have an automatically generated affiliate link that will connect them to your store. Furthermore, if you want to automatically assign vouchers to members, the software may do so. The software allows you to track all referral orders as well as the performance of your affiliates using a variety of tracking methods.

The UpPromote marketplace is the highlight of the service, where you may approach more qualified ambassadors. The more affiliates who join your program, the more customers will be aware of your brand. Furthermore, you can grow your affiliate team by using the Converting Customers to Affiliates function or the Multi-level Marketing feature. As a result, UpPromote is a strong advocate for your success in affiliate marketing.

3. Smartzer

Brands may add a clickable overlay to their videos to make them shoppable with the help of Smartzer’s interactive video platform. Viewers can tap product hotspots to get more information, and a “Add to Cart” button encourages them to buy right from the movie. Smartzer also has a live stream shopping option, which allows brands to sell things in real-time. Viewers can add products featured in live shopping events to their carts or be directed to product websites by clicking on them. Shoppable video experiences can be shared on e-commerce websites, social media platforms, and email newsletters.

4. Gorgias – Live Chat

Shopify has a live chat and customer support help desk called Gorgias. In contrast to Zendesk, this app seamlessly integrates with Shopify, allowing you to view your clients’ order details and purchase history. Within the app, you can refund, modify, cancel, or duplicate orders.
The software interfaces with all major social media platforms, emails, and phones, and offers an all-in-one platform for your staff, making it one of the top Shopify applications for fashion companies when it comes to customer care. Additionally, it includes templates and rules that you can utilize to automate some of your more complex customer inquiries.

5. Size Matters

One of the most common reasons your consumers return their clothing product is because the fit is incorrect. To reduce returns, Sizing Matters enables you to generate size guidelines for your consumers. The app may be easily customized to match the look and feel of your online store, and you will be excited to know that it’s completely free to use!

6. Intelistyle

Intelistyle is one of the top Shopify apps for fashion companies to enhance sales and conversion. They have worked with some of the world’s greatest fashion labels, including D&G, Tommy Hilfiger, and MaxMara, to assist them to raise their sales by up to 10%. Intelistyle has now made its award-winning AI technology available to Shopify merchants, allowing them to take benefit of all the services they provide for a fraction of the cost!

7. Adwisely

Adwisely is an eCommerce ad automation tool. It assists online store marketing managers in creating and managing effective Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube adverts. Once you’ve signed up, you can either create a campaign on your own (it should only take a few clicks) or contact their support team if you have any concerns or need assistance. Adwisely mixes ad automation with human experience, and it works with a diverse set of markets and product categories. The account manager they provide can monitor ad outcomes, make improvements, and give regular ad activity reports. Adwisely consumers benefit from a high return on ad expenditure, with an average ROAS of 600%-700%.

8. Tada

The entire focus of marketing strategy used to be exclusively digital. The psychological component of consumer behavior and preferences is now being included in marketing tactics. Gamification pop-ups are a modern marketing tactic that gives clients a gaming experience. By using tools like Tada, you may develop gamified email pop-ups as an alternative to standard pop-ups that present a discount coupon. Shopify store owners can gain more subscribers, boost sales, and increase conversions by using Tada’s variety of gamified and engaging popups. The effectiveness of your pop-up campaigns is increased with gamified email popups, which also aid in growing your email list. Along with improving coupon utilization, you’ll be able to boost conversion rates. Finally, you will be able to build an unforgettable website experience.

Some of the games used by successful stores include a card game, a coupon wheel, a spin to win’ wheel, digital badges, a coupon reel, and many others. 

9. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

One of the most well-liked rewards and loyalty Shopify options for clothing retailers is Smile. It currently has over 25.000 merchants using it, and that number is rising. A reward or loyalty program is a requirement for any fashion store because it can increase retention and encourage repeat business.

You may run three types of programs with the Smile app: a loyalty points program, a referral program, and a VIP program. Once you’ve decided on a program, your customers can begin accumulating points for a variety of behaviors such as purchases, friend recommendations, registrations, or social media shares/follows. These points can then be redeemed for discounts, vouchers, free shipping, and other personalized benefits.

10. Wanelo

You may reach additional clients by using Wanelo, another sales channel. Their marketplace unites 50 million products and 800 thousand merchants in a single location for shopping. After installing the app, you must go through their review procedure (which may take some time), after which you may begin selling your goods in their marketplace.

For your information, Wanelo is currently only accessible to clients in the US.

11. Rise: Gift Cards

If you want to design a customer loyalty or rewards program, Rise is a fantastic app. It provides a range of marketing tools you’ll need to boost retention, satisfaction, and loyalty. To administer rewards and loyalty cards, you can use shop credit. You can also create a referral program to encourage your customers to promote your business.

Additionally, your customers can email personalized, digital gift cards and gift vouchers to gift recipients. Your loyalty program can be as intricately designed as you like thanks to the range of its features.

12. Klarna

In the Shopify marketplace, Klarna is not available. Your customers can pay later with the direct payment option known as Klarna. In addition, you are paid in full upfront, and your clients have a range of payment alternatives from which to select when placing their orders. The top Shopify app for fashion companies to boost conversions. Unfortunately, only retailers in Austria, Germany, and Sweden can currently use it.

If you successfully complete Shopify’s review procedure, Klarna is enabled by default when you set up payments. Your clients can select Klarna as a payment option during checkout once it has been approved. Additionally, they have a Shopify app that offers personalized messages to rapidly inform your consumers how they may pay before making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

Various Shopify apps are available that can enhance your website’s features and functionality, increase sales, and provide your visitors with a better overall experience. There are many more apps available that can help you take your store to the next level, even though the apps mentioned above are some of the top Shopify apps for fashion stores available in the Shopify App Store. The decision to choose the finest app for your particular needs is entirely up to you, 

To assess the compatibility of these apps with your online store, you must audit your store and develop a final list of apps to be incorporated into your store in order to improve its general performance and help you boost your online sales. SYMSWEB is a top-rated Shopify development partner for major brands like yours in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, and many other countries. If you want a FREE audit report for your store, Kindly contact our specialists right now!