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2020 is all about twist and turns. It is when all our plans are changing every minute, and we are unable to sort out our desired goals. 2020 is meaner than what many of us expected it to be. Well, during the rough times, when business owners are looking for an affordable, versatile, and small platform for launching their startup, Prestashop steals the show in every aspect.

What is Prestashop?

Prestashop is a versatile and free shopping cart platform that helps entrepreneurs and startups to create their online store. It is best suited for small and medium scale industries. It is technically coded using PHP language with MySQL support database.

Backing the bone of eCommerce sites

Prestashop is a 2020 online eCommerce platform for startups and SMEs across the world. It is one of the most versatile as well as efficient eCommerce stores for shaping your online business. If you are a retailer or a distributor, your online startup can help with marvellous benefits with Prestashop eCommerce development.

Backing the bone of eCommerce sites UK USA SYMSWEB Digital Agency
What does SMEs really want while switching their business online?

Small and medium scale business enterprises are looking for an affordable yet effective web solution for their next eCommerce store. SME owners are mostly into budget-friendly online eCommerce platforms as they have restrictions on investment as well as expenditure.

Additionally, Covid-19 pandemic has inspired many business owners to switch their business online. Because of the pandemic, business owners across the world are facing a lot of economic crisis. So, what business owners need is a budget-friendly eCommerce solution to turn their commercial operations online.

SMEs want Prestashop like eCommerce Solution

The comprehensive features that Prestashop holds make it one of the preferable eCommerce solutions in 2020. Entrepreneurs who are switching their startup online are inquiring more about eCommerce solutions that are quick to grow as well as launch. Moreover, the thing that matters the most to these entrepreneurs is ‘economical solution’. Prestashop, on the other hand, is one of the most feasible and cost-friendly eCommerce solutions.

Customize it, Manage it

What startups and owners need is customization to free software. Prestashop is a freemium eCommerce solution that is 100% customizable and manageable. For the same, all you require is hiring a top Prestashop development agency in the UK or USA.

Prestashop eCommerce development agency in the USA or UK helps to get your online store set up quickly and easily. It has got fantastic features for which entrepreneurs admire its use and utility. Wondering what makes Prestashop a better eCommerce platform? Let us discuss the benefits.

How Prestashop Steals the Show in 2020?

what is new Prestashop Steals the Show in 2020 UK USA TOP SYMSWEB Digital Agency
Prestashop is quick to launch and use. It requires no additional efforts or investment to get it Live. Because it is one of the freemium eCommerce platforms online, SMEs find it easy to download and install. Moreover, it is 100% customizable platform. Entrepreneurs can customize it with the help of top Prestashop development agency. As per your business niche or requirements, the changes can be easily incorporated. Integrating customization is 100% feasible with Prestashop.

Also, its large community is highly supportive of solving any bugs or queries. Now the next question is regarding digital marketing. Well, it is one of the SEO-friendly eCommerce platforms like WordPress and WooCommerce. Hence, the site owner need not worry about digital marketing while considering Prestashop as their eCommerce platform.

Cost-friendly as SMEs want!

The best thing about Prestashop is its budget-friendly customization. As it is one of the freemium eCommerce platforms, it proves quite cost-friendly with customization. All you require is to find the top Prestashop development agency in the UK or USA to develop your store.


SYMSWEB is a mobile and eCommerce development agency having its operations in the USA, India, and UK. We have hired expert Prestashop developers for building efficient and fully functional eCommerce stores. Inquire more by logging on to our official webpage.


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