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BigCommerce has become one of the top SaaS eCommerce platforms since its introduction in 2009. It uses the most recent technology in combination with a tailored strategy to produce efficient eCommerce solutions. All eCommerce firms, regardless of their financial ability, industry, or size, can use the platform thanks to its flexible price options. The availability of several apps, plug-ins, and extensions is one advantage of using BigCommerce to run your eCommerce platform. BigCommerce features more built-in tools than the majority of other well-known platforms on the market, and they are easily accessible via your mobile device.

Every year, more and more business owners learn about the potent features and functionality that BigCommerce can offer their e-commerce endeavors. BigCommerce is used by well-known companies including Ted Baker, Tottenham Hotspur, Sony, and Skull Candy to help develop their businesses.

In addition to its strong sales capabilities, BigCommerce offers 4 other benefits that you should take into account if you want to expand your e-commerce firm in 2022. All of these things will be applicable to your business, no matter how big or little it is. Which are:

1. A Wide Range of Applications to Select From

BigCommerce offers a MASSIVE selection of applications that may significantly enhance your site’s user experience, boost sales, strengthen security, and provide a plethora of additional advantages.

Their enormous library of apps is divided into a number of categories, including:

  • Site-specific Tools (165)
  • Marketing Strategies (251)
  • Customer Services (43)
  • Merchandising (90)
  • Delivery & Fulfillment (120)
  • Security & Payments (54)

There is something for everyone at every budget to investigate and use for their site thanks to a balanced mix of free and paid software.

Since we use a lot of applications on different BigCommerce stores run by our customers, we thought we’d briefly share our favorites:

A. Searchanise 

Searchanise makes it possible for website visitors to conduct precise product searches. By offering the user popular product choices, categories, and photos that are all related to the phrase even before they click “search,” websites make searching for information much simpler.

Once a keyword has been found, the user can narrow their search according to their choices, including minimum and maximum pricing, categories, availability, brands, discounts, and customer reviews.

The ability to conceal products from the default search box is another Searchanise feature that BigCommerce does not offer by default. These goods can be made unsearchable in special circumstances, such as when particular products are exclusively accessible to particular client groups.

Due to the enhanced user experience, we discovered that this app increases sales of stores that have a broad and complicated selection of products.

B. Google Sales & Orders

We STRONGLY advise using Google Sales & Orders if you intend to use Google Shopping Ads to increase your e-commerce sales (GSO).

GSO is unquestionably the greatest program for integrating your items with Google Merchant Centre, in our (experienced) opinion. The setup procedure is simple, the user experience (UX) is clear, and the customer support is outstanding.

C. Rewind

If you’ve ever used a website, you’re aware that problems might arise frequently. You may need to spend time and money fixing some problems, while other times they are minor and have simple fixes.

Rewind creates a current backup of your BigCommerce store, safeguarding your most important online assets. It enables you to quickly “Rewind” your data from minor errors to major catastrophes.

Rewind keeps a disaster recovery backup to shield users from issues that impact the entire platform while providing a quick and simple restore. If something were to happen to your website without Rewind, your items, themes, clients, and much more could vanish forever.

Rewind is something we strongly advise anyone with an e-commerce site, especially those with a lot of products, to employ. Similar to insurance, you won’t need it until you actually need it. You would have paid anything at that time to get the matter resolved.

D. Mailchimp

The most often used free BigCommerce app available is Mailchimp. You’ve probably used Mailchimp if you’ve ever used email marketing for your business.

Using this software, you can quickly sell your goods by email by connecting your BigCommerce store and Mailchimp account.

2. Numerous Payment Gateways with No Additional Fees

BigCommerce gives its international user base the chance to pick from a wide selection of reputable, well-screened payment providers. More than 65 pre-integrated online payment services are hosted by BigCommerce globally!

You can pick from the 17 top payment gateways listed below for BigCommerce websites hosted in the UK:

Each of the above payment options offers the infrastructure required to smoothly handle payments from your online store, regardless of the size of your company.

3. Capabilities for search engine optimization

The success of a website is perhaps most dependent on search engine optimization or SEO. A website that lacks a strong SEO foundation may be buried amid the hundreds or thousands of other websites vying for the extremely lucrative first page of Google.

Fortunately, BigCommerce comes with excellent SEO tools by default. These qualities consist of:

  • Rich snippets on product pages increase search engine engagement
  • Take advantage of their content delivery network (CDN) to accelerate loading
  • Automatically populate SEO-friendly URLs
  • Rewriting URLs to prevent 301 errors whenever updates are made
  • Create distinct URLs to avoid Google penalties.
  • enabling the addition of metadata to each webpage

BigCommerce offers its consumers a solid foundation to continue and develop their SEO strategy by default. These capabilities don’t require any extra fees or pricey subscriptions; yet, SEO success necessitates diligence, excellent design, and well-optimized core web functions. Our SYMSWEB team is here to assist if you need a professional agency to optimize your SEO.

Of course, there are third-party programs that offer more SEO skills; nevertheless, BigCommerce’s platform features are a wonderful reason to use BigCommerce.

4. Budget-Friendly Pricing Structure

BigCommerce is a cost-effective option for business owners on any budget, whether you want to pay monthly or annually.

Their Standard Plan, which offers a sizable amount of features, is priced at just $29.95 per month.

The BigCommerce Pro Plan costs $299.95 per month, or $3,239.46 annually, and is listed on their website as being the most popular of their plans. Users can purchase the Plus Plan for $79.95 per month, or $863.46 annually.

The “Enterprise” plan, which is customized to your unique needs, is the most comprehensive and feature-rich choice.

Due to the length and complexity of the structure, we’ll let you view the BigCommerce Pricing on your own.

Final Thoughts

There is no paid advertisement in this article for BigCommerce. At SYMSWEB, We have utilized BigCommerce as web developers for over seven years with no problems, wonderful outcomes, and excellent support. All of the aforementioned is true, in our opinion!

Using BigCommerce, we have managed and have exposure to the following websites:-

& more in the list.

If you’re not sure if BigCommerce is right for you, get in touch with us so we can have a conversation about what would be ideal for you. Contact our specialists now! Get a Free Quote for your new online store!