Do You Wish To Build Your Own eCommerce Mobile App like Amazon?

June 10, 2020



Developing an eCommerce mobile app is one of the must requirements in 2020. Since the lockdown has hit the economy of different countries, the only businesses that are running successfully are those that are switched to online mode. The on-demand solutions are also one of the profit-making industries, and along with it, one of the never-failing online businesses is the eCommerce segment.

What is an eCommerce Mobile Application?

An eCommerce mobile app is an online store that is accessible via mobile phones, tablets and iPads. It has got all the exclusive features that enable the user to surf and search for the numbers of products for a successful purchase.

An eCommerce app like Amazon has got a secure third-party payment integration gateway for helping the customers to pay online for the products that they wish to buy. In short, it is one of the most systematic and decent mobile applications that make shopping a luxurious experience from the home.

#1 Fully-Functional App

If you have chosen to have your upcoming eCommerce mobile app like Amazon, it has to be fully functional. Well, eCommerce apps like Amazon and eBay are highly functional apps that have complete feasibility and accessibility for helping the users to choose their favourite product.

We help you develop a fully-functional application that has 100% scalability for different types of mobile application development platforms including Android, iOS and Windows.

#2 Attractive UI/UX Design

UI and UX designs are everything that a user attracts on the first impression. When your eCommerce application has attractive UI and UX design, customers or users feel inspired to surf more as they find it more scalable and feasible. SYMSWEB helps with 100% dynamic and responsive UI/UX design to help your users stay longer.

#3 Feature-Rich Application

If you have surf eCommerce mobile apps like Amazon, Walmart or eBay, you must be sure of the features that make the application apt and useful. Many features are required for helping your application run successfully in terms of utility and accessibility.

  • Sign-in/Registration for users
  • Sign in using social media account
  • User profile management
  • Product search bar
  • AI powered voice assistant
  • Search filters by price, size, brand, gender and category
  • Add cart view and edit options
  • Add/edit/delete address
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Real-time tracking
  • Ratings and reviews

#4 Secure Payment Gateway

The first thing that stands essential for any eCommerce store is the secure payment gateway. Your eCommerce application must have a secure third-party integration to help the users with secure payment processing.

Also, to integrate third-party payment is not a simple task for the developers. Not all mobile application developers can help with successful integration. It takes a lot of experience and expertise in integrating the same. SYMSWEB eCommerce developers help with 100% bug-free third-party payment integration for your upcoming eCommerce store or eCommerce website.

#5 Real-Time Order Tracking

Features like real-time order tracking are one of the required elements for an eCommerce app. Here the customers can track their product live without having to call the brand or app owner call centre. The food and grocery delivery apps also have this feature to help the users to track the delivery of their ordered food or grocery items.

Our developers will build live tracking for the products that are shipped through your application. The entire flow from the product ordered to its delivery will be systematically displayed as well as tracked via your eCommerce mobile application.

#6 Ratings & Reviews

When you are selling products online, the ratings are highly essential to consider. We help your next eCommerce mobile application to be one of the most feature-rich apps by integrating all the required features, including the ratings/reviews. Using the ratings and reviews, the customers can easily place a review of the purchased product for helping other customers about the quality and durability of the product.

To help your eCommerce app with highly functional ratings and reviews, we integrate text as well as photo feature. Customers can place reviews in writing and can additionally also upload a picture of the product for helping the other customers about the product delivered.

Why is Top eCommerce Mobile Application Agency Important for your next eCommerce Startup?

Any eCommerce application development agency in the USA or UK will not help you get the right type of eCommerce store or app. In order to find the top eCommerce Mobile Application Agency like SYMSWEB, you need to research as well as demand for the portfolio.

When you hire eCommerce developers from the right store, you get the hold of proper application development. Not all applications are turned live on the Play Store or App Store. Both Apple and Android Play Stores require a minimum requirement of quality and scalability for setting the application live.

SYMSWEB mobile application developers have a great experience to turn your mobile application live in fewer attempts. Also, we help you to get a higher ranking of your mobile app on the play store search engine with digital marketing techniques.

TIP: Timely maintenance and update of the mobile application help with higher search engine ranking on Google and Apple play stores.

Why SYMSWEB for your next eCommerce Store?

Quality and scalability are one of the reasons why clients choose us for developing their next eCommerce web or mobile store. We have got experienced and well-trained mobile application developers for building quality mobile apps. Our app developers are highly expertise in designing and developing eCommerce mobile app stores from scratch.

Nevertheless, we make use of the latest tools, technology and infrastructure for building creative and useful mobile applications.

SYMWEB can help you with the following services

  • Mobile Apps Development (iOS and Android)
  • eCommerce Apps Development
  • eCommerce Web Development
  • Shopify Development
  • Prestashop Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Magento Development

Exclusiveness for choosing us

  • Experience to build online startups
  • High-end Infrastructure
  • Trained developers
  • Quality assured
  • Punctuality & Credibility
  • Transparency
  • Support and maintenance
  • Technical assistance 24*7

How much does it cost to build an eCommerce App like Amazon?

The cost of every eCommerce application differs from each other. Well, if you would like to build an eCommerce application like Amazon or eBay, you need to understand the following factors that determine the costing/budgeting of mobile application development.

  • The time required for building an eCommerce app
  • Hiring model that is chosen for creating an app
  • Exclusive features if needs to be integrated
  • Audio/video feasibility and accessibility if needs to be integrated
  • UI/UX demanded by the clients
  • Type of the application (iOS, Android or Cross-platform)
  • Resources required for building an app

Request a quote for your next eCommerce application like Amazon or eBay with SYMSWEB. Our business head will revert to you with the earliest response.

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