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eCommerce Hyva Theme Magento 2 Online Store

How To Improve Customer Experience With Hyvä Magento 2 store

Hyva Theme, which Willem Wigman created as an experiment, offers fresh approaches to theme development for Magento 2 eCommerce websites. The modern approach to creating Magento stores is with Hyvä themes. These themes load incredibly quickly, are well integrated and are simple to use.

Users’ constant demand for a superior customer experience is driving up the level of competition between online retailers. The effectiveness, speed, and performance of an online store created for a traditional business depend entirely on the platform used to create it. As of the right moment, Magento is among the most popular e-commerce development platforms used for this.

By starting over with the Hyvä theme, the designer has solved all of the problems with the LUMA framework. From the frontend development, they have eliminated dated technologies like RequiredJS, KnockoutJS, and bootstrap.

The technology used by Hyvä themes, Tailwind CSS, and Alpine.js, is extremely cutting-edge and brand-new. A modern front-end framework called TailwindCSS works to minimize the heavy code that affects the page loading speed of traditional CSS, whereas Alpine.js unifies the functionality of various JS files into a single framework. The two cornerstones of the Hyvä framework are Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js. The website’s other elements can also be changed.

With certainty, we can state that Hyvä themes uphold the following fundamental values:

1. Less Complicated

Hyvä themes place a strong emphasis on maintaining all features and functionalities while providing a straightforward framework. It enables you to reset the native templates, which makes creating a Magento store less complicated.

2. Enhanced Performance

The Magento stores created using Hyvä themes load quicker than those created with Luma. The main cause of this is that Hyvä themes’ main goal is to increase speed and performance.

The buyers of today don’t have time for a website that runs slowly. The owners of online stores will therefore greatly benefit from this idea.

3. Easy To Develop

Hyvä themes are developer-friendly in addition to enhancing user experience for customers. It offers an extremely straightforward and lag-free user interface that lets you build and develop without any problems. For developers, there is also not much of a learning curve.

The designers of Hyvä made adaptation simple. The only two things you need to become used to are Alpine.js and TailwindCSS.

Additionally, no specific training is needed for developers to use this new theme builder. There are fewer dependencies, and the development pace is accelerated.

What makes Hyvä unique?

On both desktop and mobile platforms, Hyvä Themes can start off with 100/100 scores across all of Google’s core web vitals. This has enormous benefits since, unlike when using LUMA, you do not have to start with the lowest performance measurements. Without a doubt, using Hyva Magento 2 would be a lot superior strategy in this situation.

The capability to update is the second evident difference. Building up traditional LUMA requires quite a bit of time and effort, especially given that the majority of the Magento community currently views its front-end libraries as old or unpopular. Hyva Theme, meanwhile, is flourishing and making provocative remarks all over the place with its success.

The third distinction would be more technical in nature and would be the learning curve. Compared to LUMA, Hyva Theme’s interface is considerably simpler to use and navigate. It does so because the layout XML is improved and separated from the PHTML and the functionality and styling are both isolated to mostly single PHTML files.

Advantages of Selecting Hyvä Themes

This is the ideal option for you if you wish to continue using Magento for your online store. A Hyvä theme for your current Magento store is less expensive and resource-intensive than switching to a different platform. Why should you select a Hyvä theme for your Magento store, according to these convincing arguments?

  • Superior Performance
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Requires Less Time To Go Live
  • Budget-Friendly Costs
  • Expertise of the Developer
  • Easy To Adapt & Widely Used

Final Thoughts

Hyvä themes may initially appear to be quite expensive, yet they are actually fairly affordable. You will receive endless benefits by paying a one-time license charge. You don’t have to pay a license fee for the LUMA theme, but over time you’ll see that it ends up costing more than the Hyvä theme.

One of the most popular e-commerce platforms, Magento 2, has had its functionality completely transformed by the Hyvä theme. Additionally, practically all members of the Magento 2 ecosystem agree that LUMA is too large and slow to be used for building a cutting-edge e-commerce site.

Our team at SYMSWEB, a digital agency that can handle all of your business’s needs in one location, is skilled at creating Magento 2 stores with Hyvä themes. Your store will run at its best thanks to the expertise of our Adobe Certified Magento Developers who are skilled in using the Hyvä themes.

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