Why Privacy Policy?

When it comes to collecting and fetching the data, the GDPR policies must comply. Especially for the organisations that have their operations or headquarters in the EU region.

SYMSWEB (SAYYES MEDIA SOLUTIONS) is a digital agency having its operations in the United Kingdom. Being one of the EU operating agency, the company complies with the adhered principles of GDPR that include transparency, fairness, data accuracy & minimisation, integrity & confidentiality, purpose limitation and lawfulness.

What is Privacy Policy Statement?

According to the guiding principles, the Privacy Policy Statement defines the use of personal information. Personal information is something that represents the uniqueness of a person like holding the name, address, email ID, designation, etc. For sure, visitors can easily browse our website without entering or disclosing their personal information. But, there are few portions on the websites that might require the use of personal data for helping the visitor to access all the functionalities of the website.

Why do we collect data?

For helping you access the social media features, we collect the personal data on our website. The data collection helps you with seamless internet experience. It also helps us as the website owner to analyse the traffic on our webpage.

Our data collection policy most helps us to analyse the following

How secure is your data with our website?

Firstly, your data is 100% safe. Any user who enters the personal information like the email ID, name, designation, etc. is entitled to receive complete security from our end. Nobody has access to the personal data of our user data except the third-party partners who share some essential commercial or legal relationship with our digital agency. We are bound to follow the confidentiality laws, and we shall disclose the data as per the guidelines without hampering the user’s privacy.

Explained: Cookies Policy for Digital Agency

Cookies are the small text files. The client computer or web server easily accesses these files. At the time of browsing the small text files are sent from the website. Later it is stored in the user’s machine.

While surfing the browser, the website will ask the users for either allowing or disallowing the cookies. It is solely upon the user’s choice to either approve or reject the cookies. Blocking all the cookies might result in less seamless user experience.


We at SAYYES MEDIA SOLUTIONS (SYMSWEB) offer complete transparency and understanding of the privacy policy and cookies policy on our webpage. For any questions regarding the same, you can write to us at hello@symsweb.com