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Top 10 Software Development Collaboration Tools To Manage Your Business

When you have a concept for a business and decide to take it online, you can typically find the experts you need, bring them together in a meeting room, and begin describing all the preliminary technical requirements. What if you discover it challenging to accomplish that? What if you are collaborating with a remote development team in a different country?

In the modern world, where working remotely is common. To manage the remote team you hired to develop the software for your business idea, you will need the right tools.

Let us assist you in discovering the various means by which software development teams can cooperate and which will facilitate managing your remote team.

Using these software development collaboration solutions, You can simply exchange documents with your team members, especially those who work remotely to store, modify, and manage them. Instead of exchanging files, you can work together on a similar document in real-time.

1. Google Drive

Online collaboration tools are dominated by Google. The tool that has the most features is Google Suite, and Google constantly adds new features and improves the user interface to entice more users to work from home.

You get the following with Google Suite Enterprise:

  • Google Docs – It functions almost exactly like Microsoft Office. You won’t perceive Microsoft Word as a good replacement unless you are using a few specialized features like Word Art. To take notes or collaborate in real-time on properly modifying a document during an online meeting, use this tool. Additionally, it allows for rapid feedback and allows you to keep track of the document’s development with the help of the version history.
  • Google Sheets – It is Similar to Word, Google Sheets is identical to MS Excel, yet it is less useful than Word. Although it has a lot of potentials, some features, like Pivot tables or the ability to select non-contiguous rows, are missing. However, what is already available is astonishingly well-developed and sufficient for a variety of consumers. Google Sheets is frequently used as a streamlined platform for effective task management.
  • Google Slides – It is yet another fantastic tool from Google, but sadly some of the peculiar effects of Powerpoint are absent despite its tremendous functionality. However, this is the best option if you merely need a presentation for your remote staff.
  • Google Drive – You may store all of your critical documents and other data on this wonderful substitute. It has a user interface that is quite simple to use and good authorization choices. An excellent choice for remote team members to share files. Simply upload all of your current papers to Google Drive, share them quickly with your devoted team, and you’re done.
  • Google Calendar – It is so amazing because it’s a major and widely used feature of the Google Suite. It offers a variety of notification methods and specifically synchronizes events from several calendars.

    A world clock is also available in Google Calendar, which is quite useful if your remote team is spread out across different time zones. Additionally, you can integrate time-tracking software with your Google Calendar to continue tracking the time spent on any previously booked calendar events.

2. Join.me

Join.me is an interesting new screen-sharing program. Although it operates differently, it is similar to Teamviewer. It’s a web app, so you don’t need to install anything because that’s how it works. Simply launch the page quickly, sign in quickly, and then share your screen with your distant teammates.

Additionally, Join.me functions as a video/audio conferencing service with up to 250 participants per meeting, which is quite handy when you want to set up an online meeting with a significant portion of your remote workers. In addition to sharing your screens immediately, you may switch presenters and create whiteboards.

3. Basecamp

Basecamp is one of the best tools for managing remote work processes. It is the ultimate project management tool with all the features you need to manage your remote teams.

This is why Basecamp is fantastic:

  • Message boards – Each team member can create enduring material and freely discuss it with other distant workers.
  • To-do lists: Your remote employees can easily follow your routine with the aid of these lists.
  • Chat rooms – These allow your remote team to instantly resolve any issues.
  • Document and file storage using Google Docs integration – A feature that is essential for efficient remote work.
  • Schedules – Avoid missing important appointments or meetings.
  • Check-in questions – Power up your stand-up meetings.

Basecamp can make it simple for you to manage your remote development tasks. With this management solution, you and your remote team will be quite satisfied.

4. Jira

JIRA is a highly effective development team management tool. The extreme flexibility and variety of options that JIRA provides are unmatched even when the interface is not as efficient and reliable as it could be.

In spite of this, it functions admirably when combined with Confluence, Hipchat (or Slack), and other Atlassian technologies.

5. Slack

Slack is a fantastic communication tool that seamlessly mixes group conversations, third-party apps, and direct messages to provide a wonderful experience. It approaches the point where general messaging platforms like Telegram or Discord progressively become feature saturated.

6. Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is a well-organized to-do list that places a strong emphasis on customization and ease of use. However, there have been rumors that Microsoft is only providing assistance for the project, slowing down progress.

Aside from this, Microsoft To-Do is a fantastic solution for people who just need something that works right away. Since it provides basic integration into Office 365 and many applications, it is particularly a go-to tool for individuals who currently work in the Microsoft ecosystem.

7. LastPass

It’s the ideal password manager. It gives team members a simple way to manage their access credentials.

By allowing for extremely complex passwords, it also enhances general information security across many boards. Even if you use the same password across multiple websites, LastPass will point it out, help you come up with new passwords, and remind you to update passwords if you’ve been using them for a while.

8. Krisp.ai

Krisp has the ability to mute background noise, including that from a cafe, a dog, or children playing. The best noise-canceling technology powered by AI is used in it. Both remote teams and professionals will benefit greatly from having it.

9. Skype

Even though it doesn’t have all the great features it should have by this stage, Skype is still a useful communicator. and instead enhancing the UX and showcasing outside tools Microsoft seemed pleased with its decision to improve the UI and include more fresh animations.

Above all, Skype is completely free, making it a convenient and affordable remote team management solution that is favored by many people who operate remotely.

10. Nimbus Screenshot Capture

For any Windows user, Nimbus Screenshot is an excellent tool. You may quickly and easily capture screenshots using the extension (Mac users have an Apple command for this). When words simply aren’t sufficient, Nimbus can be an excellent tool for collaborating with others or demonstrating your screen to someone.

Final Thoughts

Managing remote teams might initially seem difficult. But when properly set up, remote cooperation may be quite effective. As you can see, there are several software development collaboration solutions available, both commercial and free, that can make it easy for a remote team to collaborate efficiently and provide high-quality results.

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